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The Path of Our Lord Pakal Ahau in the XXI Century
Created - 13 Ben 16 Ch'en
Human Cycle from the Sun to Xibalba A learning presentation of the last years of the Great Mayan Cycle before 2012 with the Path of Lord Pakal Ahau on Earth completing the Final Trilogy.
Read/view Things to Think
2012 Lord Pakal Ahau's Principle
Read the Pakalian doctrine and understand the necessary elements for an individual change in 2012
The Holy Reincarnation of Our Lord Pakal Ahau
A concised summary in our blog of the life and passion of one of the most enigmatic people of the XXI Century
About Lord Pakal's Trilogy
An explanation on why Lord Pakal Ahau decided to enter in the World of Internet since 1997.
Lord Pakal Ahau's Natal Chart
Synchronicity with the Great Mayan Prophecy of 2012 and his Ascension
Lord Pakal Birth Stela
The birth stela commemoration as the true 8 Ahau incarnation of King Pakal of Palenque
Lord Pech Prophecy
Lord Pakal Ahau explains an obscure prophecy made by Lord Pech in 1562 from the Mayan archived of the Pakalian Group of Mexico.
2012 Broadcast
Now the power of multimedia has arrived. Watch our videos at a convenient time with real Mayan themes.
2007 Mayan Connector
Understand the power of intention. Realize your life has a second meaning more important. Your connection to the Infinite Source.
2012: Final Revelation
The Reincarnation of the Human Soul at the end of the Mayan Countdown in 2012
Dr. Rafael Girard's Secret Legacy
A tribute to a Swiss antropologist who wrote about the esotericism of the Popol Vuh book.
King Pakal's Nirvana
A rigor mortis study created by Lord Pakal Ahau to further study King Pakal's Lid in Palenque

The Photoelectric Christ
Lord Pakal opens the communication between God and the human mind

The 2005 SETI Signal
We're not alone but be aware of the signs
Remember Tsunami 2004
Lessons learned for Venus Transit 2012 survival after the Venus Transit 2004

The Disciples of Mictlan
The Dark Clan Fights for Power

The Eternal Word
Connect with the Cosmic Bat

Pakal's Work
Lessons for an applied sustained thought in the after life
The Lord of the Tree of Life
Read through Pakal's words the Declaration of Evolution written by Dr. Timothy Leary
The Birth
The visual story at the moment of the opening of the Tomb
Pakal's Spiritual Wedding
Celebrate with Pakal the union of the Sacred Feminine with his Holy Body
Pakal Ahau's Miracles
See how our Lord performs miracles in front of your eyes to the poor, sick and old these holidays until 2012.
Pakal's 2012 Timeline
The amazing mathematical synchronicity of the Mayan Prophecy of 2012 in connection with Pakal Ahau's life.
Mayan Apocalypto Before 2012
A review of director Mel Gibson's movie in 2006. Destiny or glyph coincidence?
Mayan Contact: 2012
The first astronomical event of four in 2012 announcing the Return of the Coming King
The Breaking of the Umbilical Cord
A prophetic warning of Lord Pakal Ahau as he finally releases humankind from Mother Earth
Tribute to Lord Pakal's Mother
Lord Pakal tells us about the Sacred Principle and his Coming as the Son of the Father.
The Mayan Iuracrunu Codex
Lord Pakal Ahau tells Mayan disciples the final definition of the Great Mayan Cycle after his reincarnation
The Sleeping of the Serpent Lion
Where will you be when Lord Pakal Ahau ascend in 2012? This is a work-in-progress and probably the last page of Pakal Ahau's trilogy.


Los Angeles: Holy City
Is the City of Los Angeles destined to become a Holy City after Lord Pakal Ahau has lived all his life as a prophet and teacher in LA? We think so.
Solar X-rays: status
Geomagnetic Field: kpstatus
Mt. Popocatepetl Satellite Images
CENAPRED Volcano's Last Image

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OUR 3D MAYAN GALLERY A beautiful collection of postcards inspired in our Mesoamerican culture at the end of the Great Mayan Prophecy of 2012.

PALENQUE FOR SCHOLARS An external link with history, mythology and more resources for Mayan scholars studying Palenque.

Lord Pakal opens Xibalba in 2012
You can purchase now the original print of Lord Pakal Ahau to celebrate the coming of the Mayan King in 2012. Click here to go to the Official Lord Pakal's Mayan Store. Thanks for your support.

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Lord Pakal's Trilogy consists of three interconnected websites in the format of revelation diaries since Lord Pakal Ahau appeared on the Internet: Maya Java to Guava, The Search of Lord Pakal Ahau in the 21st Century and The Path of Lord Pakal Ahau in the XXI Century
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