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The Path of Lord Pakal Ahau in the XXI Century

Nov. 22, 2006

2012 Broadcast

Now, you can watch Lord Pakal Ahau's videos at a convenient time. His hard work until 2012 on the Web. With real Mayan themes, including Venus 2012, Palenque Prophecies, Mayan Stela 2012, Memories of a Stone Time, Xibalba Be, The Return of the King and much more to come.

All in one central place for your entertainment and information about our beautiful Mayan culture. There are many websites designed and written by foreign people who want to control our traditions about 2012. Most of them sell books and articles on journals, and are declared experts with the support of their friends and publishing companies. They don't even speak Spanish or Mayan and they don't know how it is to grow up as a child in a barrio (shanty town) in Chiapas, Mexico. That's not the case of Lord Pakal Ahau, a genuine, and perhaps, one of the few people on the Web with real and ancient Hispanic/Mayan roots in his family. So, don't be deceived. This is not a complaint and we are grateful that other individuals use their positive energy and promote our Mesoamerican legacy, but let's be fair to everyone. Our group does not make money or profits or ask for donations with our Mayan traditions. We only have a small store to cover the costs and pay our dial-up connection to the now expensive Internet in Mexico and Central America, and they say Lord Pakal Ahau is an entrepreneur and appropriating his own traditions and personal philosophy. What we're seeing is the same 'Sanhedrin Syndrome' that is repeated again. In time, Pakal Ahau's mission and work will prove they are mistaken in their conclusions.

Our main objective is to bring awareness and information, and hopefully preserve our Mesoamerican traditions forever, beyond 2012. Thanks for your understanding.

"People don't criticize foreign museums for appropriating Mayan and other archaeological resources in the name of scientific research to make profits as well as zoos trapping exotic animals or Mayan expedition tours owned by international companies exploiting our indigenous young people as tour guides. Who gives them authorization to control our environment, culture and resources? If I 'm an entrepreneur as I've been told, so be it. I'm in this business as a purveyor of new Spirits of the New World so that their souls be forgiven and safe as they travel on the dark road to the Kingdom of Xibalba after their deaths. " (Lord Pakal Ahau).

Pakalian Productions 2012

The Pakalian Group of Mexico

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