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The Path of Lord Pakal Ahau in the XXI Century

Feb. 18, 2006

3D Mayan Gallery

In this section, the visitor will find interesting postcards about our Mayan culture, hoping to interest the public in general, young students and fans in archaeology and astronomy. Please notice our images work is not for download or for further alteration in other websites in accordance to copyright and intellectual properties laws. Thanks for your cooperation.

Old Tikal 680 A.D. Lord Pakal's Reincarnation 8/22/1952
Lord Pakal is coming in 2012 Iuracrunu Mayan Glyph 26,000 Years Ago
Mayan Ball Game in Chichen Itza Royal Seal of Lord Pakal Ahau
Portrait Study of Lord Pakal Ahau at 33 Temple of the Sun in Palenque








The Pakalian Group of Mexico

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