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The Path of Lord Pakal Ahau in the XXI Century


Lord Pakal's Trilogy

During the last Century, a humble Hispanic man got the idea of describing his life sincronicities, scientific mission and birth prophecies on the Internet. His name, Pakal Ahau, got the interest of 2012 visionaries who followed his writings.

Pakal's Trilogy is the final result of this Mayan vision. The first website, Maya Java to Guava, describes the mathematical accomplishments of his race 1500 years ago. The second website, The Search of Lord Pakal Ahau in the XXI Century, explains the prophecies and return of the Mayan King. The third website, The Path, includes the spiritual and philosophical ideas of Pakal, turned into actions, after 2012 in a re-born world of new souls and pure consciousness.



It has been an incredible journey for the last seven years since Lord Pakal created in 1997 the first website Maya Java to Guava with mathematical concepts, and although the ideas were almost literally taken from the first website to make bigger and larger website portals, Pakal decided not to publish the complete set of mathematical operations on how the Mayans used the Iuracrunu Codex. However, the chapter "The Mathematical Concept of the Mayan Universe," gives a full idea of the advancement of a complex culture in which they used the same models of matrices and determinants, the basis of Contemporary Mathematics.

Pakal understood sadly that the disclosure of more examples would harm humanity because the understanding of these operational formulas would not contribute to the creation of Nuclear and Solar Fusion for Peace, as the Project Ahau expected. It will pass another millennia for this Ark of Knowledge to open again when the human race becomes peaceful with governments dedicated to the welfare of the planet. However, we think it brought great attention to Mayan awareness as a myriad of new websites populated the Net with different themes.

The decision to open the second website, The Search, was a good one. In a very short time, search engines registered their meta keywords and Pakal concentrated his efforts to explain a transition of transformation from the past Century to the next. The website presented facts and prophecies of the mission and return to what really is important at the end of 2012, the closure of the Great Mayan Cycle. The objectives were simple. The lessons are gems of Truth which hopefully will germinate in the minds of future generations. Mainly, through astronomy concepts and metaphysical articles, Pakal explains a world of synchronicities with a basic Mayan algorithm, the mind as a conscious model of prediction uniting parapsychology and paraphysics as the first modern scientific-experimental theology model in history. The website is an evolutionary script for the future with new universes and realities.

Thank you, Lord Pakal Ahau for your wisdom.

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