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Path of Lord Pakal The Path of Lord Pakal Ahau in the XXI Century


Mayan Contact: 2012



Mayan Contact 2012

On May 20, 2012 at noon, the first celestial alignment announcing 2012 occurs when the Pleiades and the sun are at the top of their conjunction in the zenith of the galactic dome. This event as seen from the latitude of the Ancient Toltec city of Tula relates to the advent of Quetzalcoatl and it is the first of four events which announces the Return of the Coming King. The Transit of the Pleiades through the zenith of the sky at midday on the 20th of May lasts approximately 70 years.

As you may know, the Pyramid of the Sun outside Mexico City at Teotihuacan was built with the alignment of the Pleiades in mind. If you place yourself on the west side, you will see the setting point of the constellation at 12:00 am at night at its highest point. Another typical example is the Mayan celebration in the ancient city of Chichen Itza when the Sun describes a shadow path similar to a serpent on the north side of the stairways of the pyramid of the Kukulcan God.

Why were the Mayan astronomers so interested in the path of the Pleiades? Lord Pakal tells us that the Pleiades is the basic system of our dot-pulse-dot consciousness, and it is also found as a primitive neuronal code in our limbic brain to enact communication with other non-visible entities. Did humans have it from the beginning of our creation or someone implanted it? We don't know but our brain is the only system on Earth that has evolved through millions of years and it is the only device that is able to start this kind of communication.

During this first event in 2012, Lord Pakal Ahau opens a galactic connection through radiofrequency signals from Earth to one of the stars in the Pleiades and the binary message is sent to begin the final part of the 2012 saga. We don't know what the galactic message will say but according to Lord Pakal is an important communique from all earthlings to out there. We also don't know how long it will take for this message to arrive to extraterrestrial receptors but we know the intelligent message will persist in space.

As you can see with this announcement, Lord Pakal Ahau is preparing the Last and Ever Mayan Kingdom with the One and Future King after 2012 AD to last approximately 2,760 years. Evidence points from known glyphs, that is confirmed by King Pakal's accession date from Palenque's tomb, which projects forward in time to the date, which is the first piktun after the Maya zero date of 3114 BC ( On December 21, 2012 we come again to that same calendar date again: 13 baktun, 0 katun, 0 tun, 0 winal, 0 kin, or for short. In addition, the marked piktun inscription will occur on October 13, 4772, and it's also one day after Columbus' discovery in 1492 marking 3,280 years of our Mayan apocalypse under the Spaniard and European domination and discovery of our lands.

Therefore, Lord Pakal anticipates his Kingdom of Glory for 2,760 years beginning 2012 until the year 4772 according to the piktun count. This fact is inscribed in the inscriptions of Palenque predicting that his crowning after the last Pakal appears would be commemorated 4160 years after it happened. Is Lord Pakal announcing a universal and spiritual government based on Mayan knowledge? We'll see the end of the Prophecy in action soon. Stay tuned!

The Pakalian Group of Mexico

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