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The Path of Lord Pakal Ahau in the XXI Century
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Lord Pakal Ahau's Healing Miracles


As we approach 2006, the world is going into a painful transition. Pakal hopes that this transition becomes the salvation for many. In this Flash clip, you will see the sacred body of Pakal Ahau behind his spiritual wife covering the symbolic mask of Death as he promised to his ancestors in order to fulfill the Last Great Mayan Prophecy. For those who believe him, a healing miracle will happen in their lives, whether you're sick, old or poor. Earth shall be fair to you. That's Pakal's promise to many. May your tribulations and deep sorrows to come be relieved when you follow him by his side. Long live Pakal, our coming Lord!

Adonde vas, adonde vas
puedes llevarme contigo
porque mis manos estan heladas
y necesito calor
adonde vas?

Mas alla de donde sale el sol
con el mar azul
cual lejano horizonte
dejame ir
dejame ir contigo.

Dejame marchar junto a ti
Yo puedo ayudarte
Y puedo caminar contigo
Y puedes caminar conmigo
sobre las aguas
Yo puedo hacerlo
contigo a mi lado.

Y pondre una piedra
en mis sandalias
Y mirame caminar
contigo a tu lado
Y puedo caminar contigo.

Y llamare la piedra fuerza
Y llamare fuerza la piedra
Y cuando los dos estemos cansados
sacare la piedra de mis pies
y te mostrare
un nuevo camino
donde estaras sano y salvo.

Y entonces tomare tu mano
finalmente alegre
de que estas aqui
junto a mi
junto a ti
junto a mi
junto a ti
junto a mi
junto a ti.

"The Artic and Antarctic polar regions are melting at an exponential rate. They're the anchors of our planet. Soon will see the emergence of Pangaea Ultima taking place to form a new and different brave world. The past is the key to the future." (Lord Pakal)

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