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The Path of Lord Pakal Ahau in the XXI Century

March 1, 2006

The Release of the Umbilical Cord



It is almost a fact that Earth's orbit cannot be nudged around the Sun. In fact, it's impossible. Right?

Not until Lord Pakal Ahau has revealed this month to the Pakalian Group about his dream and God's designs for a better Earth. In his dream, God gives to Lord Pakal Ahau the revelation to inform scientific minds about this unusual event that will probably alter the course and destinies of humankind in 2012.

Lord Pakal says, "I don't have a good explanation for this revelation. In my dream, it seems that Mayans devised the calendar until 2012 because they could not predict any longer the position of the celestial objects (eclipses, conjunctions, etc.) based on Earth's position in relation to other planets, stars, and the Sun. If this is the case, the only logical conclusion is that Earth will change its orbit soon due to an unexpected occurrence in space."

Nonetheless, during this disturbing event, that defies Newton's mechanical laws of physics and Kepler's classic astronomy concepts, Lord Pakal Ahau proposes to defeat the demonic possesion under God Mictlantecutli and his Evil Clan of Earth at the end of 2012, and release humanity from the umbilical cord of Mother Earth, the effort is followed with a paid sacrifice that humans will need to adapt to new environmental changes.

Chaste goddess who doth bathe in silver light
These ancient, hallowed trees,
Turn thy fair face upon us,
Unclouded and unveiled.
Temper thou the burning hearts,
The excessive zeal of thy people.
Enfold the Earth in that sweet peace
Which, through thee, reigns in heaven.

O pure Goddess, who silver
These sacred ancient plants
Turn thy beautiful semblance on us
Unclouded and unveiled
The brave zeal
Of the ardent spirits
Scatter on the earth the peace
Thou make reign in the sky
Complete the rite and the sacred wood
Be clear of the laity
When the irate and gloomy God
Asks for the Mayan blood of the Holy One
My voice will thunder
From the Mayan Druidic temple.
And the false God will fall ; I can punish him
But my heart is unable to do so yet
Ah! Return to me beautiful
In your first true love
Iíll protect you
Against the entire world
Ah! Return to me beautiful
With your serene ray
Iíll have life, sky
And homeland in your heart
Ah, return again as you were then
When I gave you my heart then
Ah, come back to me.

"You cannot listen to my voice, but the heart of the Lacandon jungle does. Our future does not lie in the work of Man but in the silent work of our Creator. It is the secret knowledge. Once the green tomb is open, it will cover your steps, serenely and sadly, and we will return to silence and empty skies." (Lord Pakal).

The Pakalian Group of Mexico

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