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The Path of Lord Pakal Ahau in the XXI Century

May 11, 2006

Tribute to Lord Pakal's Mother



On April 16, 2006, on Easter Day, the blessed Mayan Mother of Lord Pakal Ahau passed away as Pakal told us with anticipation in the metaphor of the breaking of the umbilical cord for the day 8 Ahau 13 Pop. The last 8 Ahau day of the 2012 countdown. That day, Pakal asserted us, "We believe that God has a body, a human body, a normal body, a body like ours, the sweaty, hungry, thirsty, nimble, sexual body of Christ. God is not revealed in pure spiritual experience - whatever that is - God was revealed in her body. Since that body is not merely a convenience - since that body is a necessity - we believe in the resurrection of the body of Christ. That body was touchable, it ate and drank. And of course that body was different, it would appear and disappear. But it was her body. Therefore, do not doubt, the resurrection is an spiritual experience incarnated in a body. That seems to be congruent with all I have told you to believe about the nature and revelation of God. May my Father call her to his Kingdom and remain in the Glory where I come from."

The Pakalian Group of Mexico

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