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The Path of Lord Pakal Ahau in the XXI Century


Lord Pakal's Spiritual Wedding



In a very small ceremony in front of the Angelus Temple, in Los Angeles, on October 2005, crescent moon under the Star of Venus and after his birthday, Lord Pakal Ahau embraces the wedding tradition with the Virgin of Guadalupe de Tonantzin (Coatlaxopeuh) to fulfill the last 8 years of the Prophecy of Prophecies, performed by a Mayan shaman. The wedding completes the 52-year cycle of the holy body of Lord Pakal Ahau on Earth. As Pakal's prediction explained at the time Lady Diana was involved in her tragic accident in the forum alt.gossip.royalty, the Davidic Prophecy is established from the words of the Welsh St. David, indicating that an heir to St. David will return from the East to Britain, expel the Saxons and reinstate the Mayan Celtic Rite and the Sacred Altar with the Blood of the True King (Sangraal or Sangre Real in Spanish).

The time has finally come from poverty and the blood of martyrs. Pakal's wedding is the long mature fruit of a long wait without compromises, subterfuges or excuses that can delay or impede this happening in the Prophecy. It's the blessing to unite all Latin America. All this speaks of a unique, rich, unprecedented potential precisely for the mission of Lord Pakal and uniting the Sacred Feminine with the Holy Body of Pakal.

In the signs of times, the word of Pakal is experienced, lived and realized. The Pakal's Mystery is fulfilled as the visible human person of Godís self-giving and love in time among us.

And thus, we include these words as Pakal's wish in his own spiritual wedding:

"No one bound by worldly desires and pleasures is worthy to approach, draw near or minister to You and the King of Glory. To serve You is great and awesome even for the heavenly powers, but because of your ineffable and immeasurable love for me, You became man or woman without alteration or change. You have served me as my High Priests, and also as Lord of all, and have entrusted to us the celebration of my spiritual wedding without the shedding of blood. For You alone, our God, will rule over all things above and below. You will be seated on the throne of the Cherubim, the Lord of the Seraphim and the King of Israel. You alone are holy and dwell among our saints. You alone are good and ready to hear. Therefore, I implore You, look upon me, Your sinful and unworthy servant, and cleanse my soul and heart from evil consciousness. Enable me by the power of my Father and the Spirit so that, vested with the grace of the Mayan priesthood, I may stand before You and celebrate the mystery of Your holy and pure Body and Your precious Blood. To You I come with bowed head and pray: do not turn Your face away from me or reject me from among Your children, but make me, Your sinful and unworthy servant, worthy to offer to You these gifts. For You, are the Offerer and the Offered, the One who receives and is distributed, and to You my body will give you glory, together with my eternal Father and Your holy, good and life giving Spirit, now and forever and to the ages of ages. Therefore, I receive Guadalupe of Tonantzin as my wife and the soul of my Temple. Ah-winakena."

For more details, click to go to the Official Site of Santa Maria de Guadalupe. (In Spanish).

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