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The Path of Lord Pakal Ahau in the XXI Century


Tsunami Prophecy 2004: Sea of Sorrow

Lessons to learn for the Venus Transit 2012


The Mayan prediction of a global disaster couldn't be more accurate after the feared Transit of Venus in 2004. Three months before the Venus transit, Pakal warned that a global event was about to take place at the end of 2004. How did he know?

Pakal explains, "Mayan tribes had a very sophisticated system of warning, similar to the 'sense of warning' of animals. Humans have lost this precious skill and have replaced it with new satellite communication technology which is more reactive than preventive.

During the transit of Venus, Pakal observed the sequence of the Sun and Venus. The egress of Venus from the Sun gave the clue. From the geographical conditions and visibility locations on June 8, 2004, we can see the entire transit is visible from Europe, Africa (except western parts), Middle East, and most of Asia (except eastern parts). The Sun sets while the transit is still in progress from Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Korea, easternmost China and Southeast Asia.

In Mayan astronomy, the egress of Venus corresponds at the sunset of this region, and the prediction establishes an ominous disaster in that area. The prediction was fulfilled on December 26, 2004, when a megathrust earthquake of intensity 9.0 hit the area, releasing a great amount of energy, and killing more than 150,000 people in a tsunami. The red dot indicates where the disaster occurred after mapping the end of the Venus transit.

Consequently, Pakal says the prediction is to be taken in consideration in 2012, the next Transit of Venus will happen on June 6, 2012. The egress of Venus corresponds when the Sun sets while the transit is still in progress from most of North America, the Caribbean, and northwest South America. Notice the red dot corresponds to the plate where the San Andreas fault is located in the Ring of Fire, the same zone with the highest tectonic activity in the world. This warning is not sensational and it's aimed to the US West Coast and California.

Survival will depend on how humans can prevent their own demise. It's not easy to see something that hasn't happened to others but Lord Pakal warns, "I hope the lessons learned in 2004 be applied in 2012. I won't tell your destiny but I can tell you may have a chance in Life."

The 26,000-yr Great Mayan Cycle ends on December 21, 2012. Could the Mayan vision for ending the Calendar corresponds to this future global event related to the transit of Venus? Let's learn more about the flow of Time and this interesting prediction in the words of Lord Pakal.

What is a Venus Transit?
For scientists and astronomers, it is the celestial phenomenon of the transit of the dark disc of the planet Venus in front of the shining disc of the Sun. For our Mayan culture and ancient priests, it is a partial eclipse of the Sun, very partial since the planet Venus will occult only a very small part of the solar disc, but which will be very easily observable to inform the public of a sacred phenomenon. On June 5-6, 2012, the transit will start on June 5 at 22h 03m and will end on June 6 at 4h 56m UTC.

Why such a phenomenon is so rare?
The planet Venus orbits around the Sun in 225 days between the Earth and the Sun. We should thus see this phenomenon at each revolution, i.e. each conjunction between Venus and the Sun, every 584 days. It would be true if Venus and the Earth were orbiting around the Sun in the same plane. The orbital plane of Venus being tilted of 3 degrees approximately on the orbital plane of the Earth, the planet Venus will pass generally above or below the solar disc and we will not see a transit. The figure below explains the phenomenon according to our Mayan priests.

Venus Transits 2004/2012 - Battle and Return

It is then easy to understand that here is only one possibility for a transit: it is necessary that the Sun, Venus and the Earth are aligned on the intersecting line of the two orbital planes (called line of the nodes). The Earth crosses this line in June and in December but Venus is simultaneously there only very seldom, approximately twice by century as the table shows it below (dates of transits):

If you are interested in science and astronomy effects on Earth, we offer the following table with periodic cycles of the transits of Venus during December and June. If you're excited about natural discoveries, search the Web and find out what happened in terms of volcanos, tsunamis and earthquakes around these important dates. If your interest is historical collection data, discover important events related to Venus periodicity. This is how Mayans used to elucidate creation and destruction of important cities in the past through important wars called Star Wars.

December 7, 1631
December 4, 1639
June 6, 1761
June 3, 1769
December 9, 1874
December 6, 1882
June 8, 2004
June 5-6, 2012
December 11, 2117

Why this phenomenon is so important?
In addition to his scarcity, this phenomenon of transit allowed Mayan astronomers to point out fundamental elements of our knowledge of the universe, in particular, how we measure the distance to the stars and the size of the universe and build temples according to their eye-naked measurements. This measurement is not simple: it is impossible to go towards the celestial bodies and to measure their distance to the Earth in situ: all the stars and the planets which are seen on the celestial sphere seem to be at the same distance from us: an argument will be necessary to estimate these distances. The observation of the transit of Venus was the most famous observation to measure the distance from the Earth to the Sun to build tables of eclipses in Mayan codices, distance which is the key and the measuring unit of all the other distances between the celestial bodies. For the Mayan culture, it was a time to remind this human adventure of mathematical measurement of our universe, the harmony of the galaxies, and preparation of survival according to celestial rules.

What does the Venus Transit suggest to our modern Mayan mythology?
It is not our intention to explain science here although the principles are well explained above and you can find excellent scientific websites, empty of spirituality, devoted to this important event. That's fine and it's your choice to use your critical thinking analysis to improve your scientific knowledge. Our mission is to take you to a sacred past, in which the Mayans existed and take these Mayan concepts for the application and construction of our new Mayan mythology. Maybe this path leads you to new and important decisions since the process of science is fundamentally out of human feelings and emotions. Maybe these concepts allow you to understand survival because science does not explain human survival, but demise in terms of individual activities.

This is Lord Pakal's divine mission. To awaken your inner feelings to follow the Path. Therefore, we leave you with Lord Pakal Ahau's words as a Mayan priest and as a teacher of Humanity. " The transit of 2004 was easily observable from France and Europe. It occurred from 5h 20m to 11h 25m UTC (approximately since the timings were different from one location to another). It represented the apparition of Mictlantecutli, the God of Death and Xibalba and his chaotic death war on Earth. The battle will last for 8 years until 2012 and describes the demonic possession of nations and armies attempting to take control of humans and natural resources through physical forces. It's a global event until Lord Pakal Ahau finally awakens Mother Earth under the designs of God, and through his teachings the new Golden Path is established

The transit of June 5-6, 2012 is, contrarily, only a little observable from Europe. The Sun rises at 3h 50m UTC and the third contact takes place near 4h 40m and the last contact near 4h 55m UTC. The end of the transit will occur one hour after the sunrise. At that time Lord Pakal is transformed into the True Mayan King, the One defeating Mictlantecutli with important natural changes on Earth, and the Return of the King is imminent in the history and fulfillment of the Great Mayan Prophecy of 2012, written by the priests of Chilam Balam."

Until then, may your soul follow Lord Pakal's path or perish to the dark forces of Mictlantecutli.


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