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The Path of Lord Pakal Ahau in the XXI Century


The Disciples of Mictlan



"It's time to reward the Death and they're looking for your life." (Lord Pakal)

As Pakal envisions a battle with Mictlantecutli in just eight years from now, in 2012, you should be aware of Mictlan's disciples. They're among us as we speak and their bodies are more powerful than ever. Why? Because you and your actions have fed them becoming stronger. You've invited them to the surface of the planet, where they don't belong. As Pakal, they've resurrected from the dead to "show" you the good things in life. Do not be deceived by their words because at the end your pain and grief will not matter to them.

They kill people to make an army of demons, and in 2012, Pakal estimates there will be no less than 2 billion people in the planet looking for more souls and more disciples to follow the evil Mictlan. I know you may think these written words are lies, but look around you. Who are your real friends? Who will assist you in times of despair? Who can you trust?

We, the Mayans, know the outcomes because we've lived them before and the cycle will repeat again, but we must win if humankind is to survive. Pakal's personal war is not your battle but you must act against evil and temptations. Live a clean life and love each other. Be alert of people who will tell you and smile, "there's a better way to live." Use your common sense.

Then, your actions will help Lord Pakal. If the last Pakal dies without destroying Mictlan, everything will be lost and you're included in the destruction. Use your true wisdom. In this web page, we've included a photoenergesis profile image of Our Lord Pakal Ahau so you'll remember his words and charge with your positive energy his work.


Pakal Mayan Ascension 2012Defeat the dark forces of Mictlan and change the world! Lord Pakal Ahau has designed himself the new glyph for his Ascension in 2012. The design contains the codes of his right hand with the Venus glyph and his name as it appears in the Tablet of Inscriptions in Palenque in the temples of the Triad Gods. Get identified with Lord Pakal Ahau and amaze your friends with our ancient Mayan culture and the modern history of Lord Pakal Ahau. We promise this shirt will be a memorable item after 2012. You can order our t-shirt in our official Mayan Store.


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