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The Path of Lord Pakal Ahau in the XXI Century


The Eternal Word of Pakal



It is said in the Chilam Balam's Prophecy that a man from a foreign land will emerge bringing the news which will change the world forever. More, he will talk behind a death mask. As it seems logical, the man will appear in Palenque bringing the Manifest of Life so countries agree to end wars and concentrate in the welfare of humanity.

The only clue we give here is that he is the only one to fit the mask. The mask has magical powers such as the control of weather and is able to create huge earthquakes. To our knowledge, the Pakal's mask is very well protected in a museum under strong custody. Does he have a replica of the Pakal's mask? Or is he born with his face shaped as the Pakal's mask? Until then, it remains a mystery but we have created the 3-D facial simulation for your curiosity. The simulation couldn't be more accurate of Pakal's profile. Thank you for your visit.

"Beyond the senses is my mind, and beyond my mind is reason, its essence.
Beyond my reason is my Spirit in man, and beyond this is the Spirit of the universe,
the evolver of all.

When the five senses and my mind are still, and reason itself rests in silence, then
my supreme Path will begin.

In me are woven the sky and the earth and all the regions of the air, and in me
rest the mind and all the powers of life. Know me as the ONE and leave aside all
other words. I am the bridge of immortality.

And when I am seen in my immanence and transcendence, then the ties that have
bound the heart will be unloosened, the doubts of the mind will vanish, and the law of
God will work no more.

From delusion lead me to Truth.
From darkness lead me to Light.
From death lead me to immortality."

(Lord Pakal in Transfiguration of the Mask)

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