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The Path of Lord Pakal Ahau in the XXI Century


The Birth of the Prophecy



Few things remain as mysterious as they were hundreds of years ago in the Mayan legends. One of them is the birth of Lord Pakal Ahau in 1952 at the time of the opening of the Tomb.

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In Pakal's memory, the Cosmic Serpent delivers through her sexual organ the body and flesh of Lord Pakal Ahau, while King Hunab Pakal (as the Eternal Galactic Being) takes off the mask of Death from his face and shows it to the baby, who is transformed in the Jaguar God again. It is a very special moment. At the same time, Mictlantecutli, the Death God, plays a song with a Mayan citar (a sort of guitar) to welcome the advent of the baby while his angry dog barks during the event controlled by God K. As the legend describes, at the moment of birth, Pakal Ahau is resurrected from the bones of King Pakal, or rather his soul has resurrected from Death.

The child will be in the world teaching the mysteries of Death and performing living miracles to those who accept his words. Later, as Pakal's work grows in the world, Mictlan declares war to Lord Pakal because he's not happy that his kingdom of Death is in jeopardy and tries to regain control. If Mictlan wins his purpose, a massive human of souls will fill his underground domain on Earth. If Lord Pakal succeeds a new world will be born defeating Death.

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"Death is just a term. Your bodily, verbal and mental formations have ceased and are quite still but your life is exhausted. Your heat has subsided and your faculties are broken up. When you enter upon the cessation of perception and sensations, your bodily, verbal and mental formations also have ceased and are quite still, but your life is unexhausted, your heat has not subsided, and your faculties are quite whole." (Lord Pakal).

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