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The Path of Lord Pakal Ahau in the XXI Century


2012: The Last Revelation of the Mayan Prophecy



The Reincarnation of the Human Soul

This section is the most important page of this new website because it completes the last prophecy of Lord Pakal's Trilogy. To understand it, we need to go back to the year 1952 when the Pakalian House was conceiving the life of the new Pakal.

The Pakalian House is the product of the most distinguished minds of the XX Century, similar to other groups that existed in Da Vinci's or Newton's time. They include people that you probably already know and learned Mexican mythology at some point in their lives.

Among them, Ruz L'Huillier, Frank Herbert, Philip K. Dick, L. Ron Hubbard, Timothy Leary, Tatiana Prouskouriakoff, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Fidel Castro, and Che Guevara to name a few. They were influenced by a circle of friends of the Pakalian Group at one time or another. Each one of them has won awards or recognition in their respective field.

Che Guevara, was perhaps the most influential one in terms of physical social changes in America, but unfortunately his destiny did not accomplish what the Pakalian House envisioned. However, not everything was lost because the genetic line and philosophy were preserved, buying precious time, enough to confuse other world groups desperately looking for the spiritual vision.

The success of the Pakalian House lies in creating an spiritual work which can guide humanity toward evolution. And, as you can see, the XX Century anticipated with their writings, research and speeches the most important spiritual vision of our time for the New Millennium.

Every guideline has been put into action, as we know, by manifesting the right principles. However, the enigma lies finally in what Pakal thinks it is the best interpretation of the Chilam Balam prophecy for and after 2012. And, we're proud to present what Pakal, as a Time Witness, brings as a contribution to the human race. After 2012, the Pakalian House will cease to exist and the choice of transformation depends now on whether humanity wants to renew a better world for the generations to come.

The Last Revelation

On August 22, 2004, Pakal received the last spiritual revelation after visiting Forest Lawn in Los Angeles, a place he uses to meditate about his birthdays. This time, it was his 52nd trip around the Sun. According to the synchronicity of his Mayan time on Earth, at the end of his learning cycle, Pakal initiates the action cycle in which he emerges as one of the Time Witnesses and opens Xibalba for his ascension and transformation of the planet.

In Pakal's vision and words, he says, "it is possible to survive Death for the existing and future generations and preserve your soul in infinite time according to the physical Law of Conservation of Energy." He further explains, " the human race has misunderstood the process of Death due to religious traditions and creation of burial rituals that are incorrect in many ways. The main principle has not been applied or forgotten through many centuries. New technology and courageous ideas are necessary to prove the existence of our reincarnation process."

As we can see, Pakal is fulfilling the words of Chilam Balam of Tizimin, the great prophet who wrote the Prophecy of the End of the Great Cycle, in which he says, "in the present, the 13th Baktun will end, bringing the ornaments of which I have spoken from your ancestors. Then, the messenger will come to visit his little cones. And, perhaps After Death will be the subject of his discourse."

Background of the Last Revelation of Pakal Ahau

As in the recent administrative structure of the Pakalian Group, designed by the new Pakal, he draws again in the concepts of Messianic traditions of the Levitic priests, the Mayans in exile.

To clear elaborated stories of his ancient Mayan ancestors, Pakal first explains that the ritual of burying dead bodies in water was an optional privilege among Mayas that was known for many centuries. He adds that in our culture, we should make an effort to understand the Jewish tradition of mikveh, a special ritual of water, with the immersion principle of water, known in the Greek culture as baptidzo. The equivalent word in Hebrew is tevilah (t' vilah). The ritual involves a special pool of water for the purpose of physical and spiritual purification. Therefore, establishing a connection between the old Jewish traditions and the contemporary idea of baptism, as Jesus taught, among others.

In the Messianic tradition, this is essential because it is the symbolic sign of human salvation, spiritual completion, and being reborn again, as Pakal explains further.

In Pakal's Words

"The world is aging. The population is aging. Most are looking for spiritual answers. What I will teach you, for the final moments of life, is an intelligent alternative. It provides believers and skeptics alike with a smart option to what often is the most distressing time of any rational living organism. It is an ambitious idea because death has no meaning when one is liberated and the illumination will give you a tremendous feeling of peace, expansion, liberation, and love.

Almost everyone can return to physical life after death if wanted. The mysteries and meaning of death, if done correctly and beautifully as the ancient wisdom tell us, will assist any person of any contemporary religious persuasion, including the absence of one. To follow my words, is to follow what the Supreme Force of the Universe, that created you and me, has given us as an eternal gift."

The Pakalian Principle of Regeneration of the Human Soul (Liquid Palingenesis)

According to Pakal, in many cultures, death rituals are destructive because the ceremonies do not preserve the soul of the deceased person. This incredible statement is the premise of Pakal's last revelation. The soul spirit is the essence of a person that reasons, decides and acts. It constitutes the emotion, thought, and physical desire to live. It dissolves after death and can be lost, but it is durable enough in repeated births if controlled.

In the '70s, many experiments were made to discover the nature of the soul. Some tried to measure the soul, for example by attempting to measure the weight of a person just before and just after death in hopes of determining the weight of a soul. The results of these experiments are equivocal, especially due to conflicting reports on the findings.

To isolate the dissolution of the soul and contain it, Pakal explains, it is necessary that the subject immediately after death, be placed in a flotation tank or chamber for 24 hours. In this way, the soul of that person is transferred to a liquid medium in which the energy of the soul is most likely to stay intact. The Mayans did it when the first Pakal was created in a cenote - a sacred water hole.

The soul transfer, then is accomplished from the creator of the source to the new human entity, in this case, a newborn who, as Pakal explains, is baptized inside the water of the flotation tank or chamber. If the power of the soul agrees with the newborn -most likely to happen, the normal soul transfer process takes place immediately. And the newborn acquires the soul of the deceased person.Thus, preserving the original good soul that can be transferred in repeated births. The purity of the alignment maintains the willpower of human awareness.

How can it be proved scientifically? Pakal explains water has specific physical properties such as conductivity, atomic vibrational absorption, and emission lines that can be analyzed by molecular spectroscopy or any other analytical method involving nuclear magnetic resonance. If one can detect the energy of the soul spirit altering the ground state of water molecules, (hydrogen and oxygen atoms with bonds), then we're on the right track to discover the most sacred principle of the divinity of man. Pakal believes the day will come when a scientist or a group of scientist will understand his language, breaking the barriers of ignorance in the pursuit of human knowledge. These groups of scientists will demonstrate that indeed, soul transfer is a dynamic physical fact quantifiable and measured with instruments of higher sensitivity. That's the final revelation from Lord Pakal Ahau. After all, he is a scientist-teacher with a mission to help humanity search the Truth. And we believe that the Truth will emerge and transform the world forever after 2012.

To the memory of Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (July 8, 1926 - August 24, 2004).

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